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Birthdate:Mar 15
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Umm... this is was just my writing journal, so people who want to read my ramblings and rantings on writing or the actual writing can just read this and not all the other junk. It'll mostly be The West Wing for a while, but I have some Commander in Chief fic in mind as well as a big-ass crossover. Stay tuned. And remember that I'm convinced talking about my writing jinxes it.

So as to not horribly confuse non-West Wing people who may stop by after seeing me post at "insert comm/user here", fandoms of interest also include: Doctor Who, David Tennant, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek (all), Firefly, David Tennant (oh wait I said that already), X-Files, Lord of the Rings, Babylon 5 (season 5 does not exist kthx ;-) [ok so it does but ooooh that renewal uncertainty with the story arcs *headdesk*] ).

I am capable of being ridiculous, extremely dirty, deadly serious, and sappy. Possibly at the same time.

My cracky brain will read and think of a lot of things. I missed the memo where fandom is a monolith we have to be in to count as a fan. I also have to view things from more than one perspective in order to, you know, do my job and stuff. If you think it's a weakness or a flaw to like pairings A/B, B/C, and A/C at the same time we will not get along.

I generally do not get 'love stories' but do subtext and generally do not hate the 'love story' unless the following sentence happens more than a couple of times. Do not ever imply I am not a fan of the X-Files because I don't get the Mulder/Scully arc, or that I am somehow f***ed in the head or something like that because I don't get it I will be grumpy (at the least) because I am not here to hear how much I suck and don't 'get it'. If I want that I can go read the reviews for some of my papers. I have nothing against different opinions (they make the world go round and see monolith comment above) but I do have things against 'teh fandom gospel!!!' because if I want that I can go read about the religious right.

If you judge me based on my other friends, we also probably will not get along. I like who I like and I don't discuss my friends' f-locked posts in other friends posts or my own.

I've been away from journaling for grad-school type purposes plus sheer forgetfulness plus muse abandonment. The grad-school thing is ongoing. I may or may not post. Real-life stuff is likely to be locked. I may suddenly abandon conversations (good thing I have email notifications on). I'm honestly not that interesting... oh wait everyone says that. :p
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