One of these days, I'll start using titles so [ profile] raedbard doesn't have to keep typing out the whole darn ep title so she can include it in [ profile] tww_full_lid.

But for now...

In which Toby annoys CJ, and Sam and Josh (sort of) apologize )

What is the virtue of a proportional response? )
I'm not happy with the post-ep; I just ran out of my something.

Post-ep )

Thoughts, especially on the opening credits )
This is an idea I had... well, have been tossing around for a bit. I'm sure I'll peter out somewhere around season 3, but in the meantime, I intend to have fun.

Post-ep )

Thoughts (of which I had more during the episode than after) )
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I was going to go off on this big huge thing and then engage in shameless plugging of it at [ profile] tww_meta but I heard some rumbles of thunder again, so I'll keep it short, I think. Hope. Whatever. Also, it's kind of 1 am here and I'd like to get some stuff done tomorrow, like watching the rest of TWW season 1 and possibly rampaging through some chapter of "Legacy"... anyway.

So I watched "Five Votes Down" recently and was thinking, as I washed the dishes tonight, about how Leo says "I was stupid with Richardson." Now, this is the same ep where he's given a sudden wake up call that his marriage is totally dissolving. So I was basically contemplating whether his stupidity was a side effect of his desperation to do this thing right to prove how important it was. Or maybe whether it was a compensatory thing... "I'm losing this, so I have to have this!" I've kind of forgotten part of what I was thinking, since it is, again, 1 am, but I do have to wonder if Leo tripped over himself because he was trying too hard or showing off or both, in the same way that lesser men do, although usually they just do something obviously stupid.


Also, a reminder that if you're in the US, TWW comes back this Sunday. Although it's likely that if you're reading this journal you're already well aware of that.... ;)



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