Jan. 4th, 2014

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Title: Whispers from a Black Hole: Looked
Author: [personal profile] eloriekam/[livejournal.com profile] eloriekam
Rating: Teen
Characters: Nine, Rose
Disclaimer: I'm afraid Nine comes back from this outing a bit worse for the wear--good thing the BBC owns him, eh?
Word Count: ~1100
Author's Notes: This is along the same general lines as this fic. It's also my first time writing non-cracky Nine, so I really hope he doesn't sound too Ten-like as he's perceiving Bad Wolf. Written August 2013. Some dialogue is reproduced from S1 episodes, including Parting of the Ways.

A moment later, something still more impossible stabbed through the void in his head )
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(OK, so I'm doing a writing boot camp this week for a technical paper and I have to admit that I'm going to be extra-cuddling any reviews I get for the fics I've just posted, because I expect to get frustrated with my own writing over the next several days.)

Title: Fire and Fragmentation
Author: [personal profile] eloriekam/[livejournal.com profile] eloriekam
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Angst, possible severe need for tissues due to character death.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Ten, Donna
Summary: She knew what he did, and he'd made overriding choices too many times. Burning or not was her call, not his.
Word Count: ~2350
Author's Notes: I know alternate endings to JE have been done, and done, and possibly overdone, but my muse insisted, and she plays dirty. Brief quotes from The War Games, Planet of the Spiders, and The Doctor's Daughter (deleted scene). Thanks to [personal profile] sykira/[livejournal.com profile] sykira for egging on my muse when she decided to waffle as I was writing this. :) *hugs*

The selfish feeling of knowing another mind could see what must not be )



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