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These are approximately in the order in which they were first posted. I post some fics at bad_wolf_rising first, and I also write for ten_plus_ten (fest: Sept 2012) and for the wintercompanion Ten/Jack challenge comm. Most of my fics are oneshots, but this list is a WIP.

LJ = Livejournal, LJ comm = bad_wolf_rising, DW = Dreamwidth

Sizes and Erogenous Zones (aka: Two suckers, a tail, a gun, and two hands) (LJ comm) (LJ) (DW)
Rating: PG-13/T
Characters: K-9, one Dalek, one Cyberman
Disclaimer: The following should make it abundantly clear I don't own Doctor Who, for which we can all be thankful. Various cool people invented K-9, the Daleks, and the Cybermen. Not responsible for any damage caused by the reading of this fic.
Word Count: 837
Summary: K-9 is comparing sucker size with a Dalek and there's a Cyberman at K-9's tail. We probably don't want to know any more. Response to, well, my response to the weekly challenge here, where plot kittens then appeared and were fed.
Warnings: Pure crack. Don't click, seriously, don't! Threesome? Slash? Someone not me will have to verify if the innuendo is present or just in my pepperoni pizza-addled head (I just ate a whole 12-inch).

Lonesome, Joyful Day (LJ) (DW)
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Tenth Doctor, OC, OC
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 3,280
Summary: Christmas. Ten. Alone. Other people also alone.
Author's Notes: Written for the bad_wolf_rising Christmas ficathon. Prompt: "Christmas is a holiday that persecutes the lonely, the frayed, and the rejected." There were originally going to be more OC's, but these just took off and I wanted to keep this a reasonable length. I sincerely hope this isn't total dren: any mistakes are mine. Also, Doctor Who is most definitely not mine!

Essential Upgrades (LJ comm) (LJ) (DW)
Characters: Cybermen, random unnamed fans, any male characters in Doctor Who.
Rating: Ehh, best be Adult. (Although I've recently been debating the need for ratings as us being excessively sexually repressed, but that's far too serious a debate for this post.)
Warning: References to male/male pairings, orgies, and much crack. A few references to male anatomy and various 'results' of sex. Nothing is off limits from being 'cracked' in here.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine. This is probably a good thing, considering how much crack is coming out of my brain these days. At least I haven't blatantly stomped on any fixed points recently, I don't think.
Word Count: 3,040
Author's Notes: That sound you're hearing, the cracking? That's not Yvonne Hartman's window. That's the fourth wall, shattering. A lot. Thanks to fogsblue for letting me briefly reference the Spare Parts. No fans were harmed in the writing of this story and any resemblance to actual fans is probably a result of you taking this too seriously, so don't! Also, at 3:19 am, it apparently takes me a while to figure out how to spell 'respiratory'.

Why Time Lords Should Not Pair Up In Poker (LJ) (DW)
Characters: Ten/TenII, and a few random aliens.
Rating: Explicit
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine!
Word Count: 3,241
Author's Notes: Written for the ten_plus_ten fest from the prompt: bananas, strip poker, and a teapot, from glory_jean. Yeah. I don't know quite where any of this came from, except there was no way it was going to be a totally serious fic, starting from that prompt! Also, I probably can no longer deny my smut-writing habits now. Thanks to the good smut fanfic writers in DW fandom--I'm sure there's all sorts of bits and pieces agglomerated in here! Thank you to the delightful (and teased) callistawolf for looking this over.

Hand-Waving Not Permitted (LJ) (DW)
Characters: Ten/TenII, Donna
Rating: Adult (could be Explicit depending on your definitions), and there's some bondage
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine, and I'm just taking these characters out for a spin.
Word Count: 7,433
Very Long Author's Notes: I think most people who are going to read this already have, but here it is anyway. Written for ten_plus_ten fest from the prompt: Ego, pastry, glasses from glory_jean (noooo it's not a bias, I just got along well with the three-word prompts for some reason--maybe I'm too lazy to actually plot?). So, yeah: this started out as a little thing, under 1000 words, and then I added the prison cell, and it all went downhill from there. Thanks to some chatters for contributing pastry names! My apologies if the sexy is unrealistic/bad--my brain went some really weird places I wasn't expecting, and that scene is one of them. Thanks to the lovely and eager kahki for proofing and offering a few suggestions. TenII is called Fred here: you can interpret that as being after Wilfred, or after Romana's proffered nickname. References to Gutterites contained within (as with my other fic). :-) There's a follow-up to this I posted yesterday, located here. Yes, I'm posting my fics from the fest all backwards, but it is Doctor Who...

Memories of Self and Time (LJ) (DW)
Characters: Ten/TenII implied, Donna
Rating: All Ages
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine, and I'm just taking these characters out for a spin.
Word Count: ~2,250
Author's Notes: Follow-up to this story written for the ten_plus_ten ficathon. TenII (aka 10.5 or the "half-human" Doctor) is called Fred here: you can interpret that as being after Wilfred, or after Romana's proffered nickname. This was supposed to be a vignette, but (surprise!) grew a bit past the really short story stage (partly because I ran into something from "Turn Left" and mentioned it and there was ooohing). Selfcest is strongly implied. Other relationships are at the reader's discretion.

Encounter of the Third Kind (LJ) (DW)
Characters: Ten/TenII, spoilers
Rating: All Ages
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine; just taking for a spin.
Word Count: 1,365
Author's Notes: Written for ten_plus_ten from the prompt: Ten & TenII run into a classic Who companion, or a past Doctor, from redcirce. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. My muse doesn't know the meaning of the word 'stop' (she does ludicrous speed or emergency stop, apparently). Last of the fic dump from the Tencestfest.

Advantages of Meta-Crisis Biology (LJ) (DW)
Characters: Ten, TenII.
Rating: All Ages (though there is intoxication)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not mine, and I'm just taking these characters out for a spin.
Word Count: 1,806
Author's Notes: Written for the ten_plus_ten fest. Prompt: spiked punch, blanket, dessert, from glory_jean. Thanks to the lovely and kind bas_math_girl for advising me on avoiding Americanisms and a few other oddities. There might be some Doctor!whump and H/C within. Yeah, I wrote this the same day as the first smut.... no, I got nothin'. Reference to at least one Gutterite.

Mickey Joins the Gutter (LJ comm)
Rating: Teen for implied nudity and innuendo
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: 1,099
Author’s Notes: Inspired from this post by redcirce earlier this year. Uh, this might be crack? I also make no claims that it's 100% canon-compliant.

Secret Weapons (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen for suggested relationships & sexual scenes
Disclaimer: Not mine. I suspect all the characters are grateful for this.
Word Count: 938
Author’s Notes: So yumimum and fogsblue were talking on yumi's LJ a while back, and in this subthread she said something about Daleks, hugging, and the next step. I claimed to be scarred for life, and promptly noted down the relevant comment and the URL for later, so I would know who to blame later when the inevitable plot kitten came bouncing up to me. Also, thanks to callistawolf for sending me to to a knitting site so that hopefully I don't sound like a total idiot for those parts!

Dreams of Snow and Another Name (LJ) (DW)
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Former Who companion and Ten.
Word Count: ~1250
Summary: She dreamt, and they traveled together again for the dream.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: Written for the Holiday Ficathon at bad_wolf_rising, from the prompt "Dreaming of a blue and white Christmas". I have tried to stay compliant with canon to the best of my ability, but a few things were difficult to research. If I've failed miserably on something, PM me or leave a comment and I'll edit.

Snow, Soup, and Mirrors on a Rug (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Adult/Mature. (Sexual content: slash)
Pairing/Characters: Ten/TenII.
Word Count: ~4,900
Summary: The Doctor travels through the snow on a quiet holiday night for different people.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: Written for the Holiday Ficathon at bad_wolf_rising, from this picture prompt and the text prompt "The fire crackled and popped, rousing the slumbering man whose lengthy form stretched across a decadent fur rug. He pulled a hand through his tousled hair then propped himself up on one elbow, a dazzling grin transforming his face as he absently scratched his chest. "Soup?" He licked his lips and gave you a naughty look which said volumes. "Love some. Share?"" Please be aware a m/m relationship is depicted in this story, so if you don't like that, please continue scrolling.

Non-Ode Ode to Thighs (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ten/TenII
Word Count: ~600
Disclaimer: Neither the Doctor nor any of his body parts belong to me.
Author's Notes: Written for the lovely beachy_geek. Several months ago I left a note in my fic kittens file of 'Ode to Thighs'. I can't write an ode for anything, but the idea of spending a little bit of time talking about DT's thighs appealed to me. Received the post-worthy stamp from fogsblue; all mistakes are mine (especially as I've regrettably not had a chance to study his legs up close), but I'm hoping his delightful limbs will be reasonably distracting. *g* Merry Christmas, beachy!

Warming Cold Fractals (LJ) (DW)
Rating: All Ages
Character: Former companion.
Word Count: ~400
Summary: She never remembered, consciously.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: This was written for the Holiday Ficathon at bad_wolf_rising, from the "Dreaming of a Blue and White Christmas" prompt as well, but regrettably my muse declined to permit it to make the requirements for that lovely 'fest. Here it is for general enjoyment. This ficlet has not been beta'd.

Snared for Life (LJ) (DW)
Pairing: Ten/Jack but only subtext
Rating: Teen/PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: No spoilers; angst and darkness.
Disclaimer: Not mine, and I'm just taking them for a spin, and will return them, perhaps slightly battered.
Word Count: ~4,300
Summary: They couldn't always escape the worlds where they meddled.... or could they?
Author's Notes: Written from the 'Law' challenge during Amnesty 2012 for [community profile] wintercompanion. Set after Last of the Time Lords and before Partners in Crime. I have a strong suspicion that someone(s) has done this kind of thing before, but hopefully my take on it isn't totally repetitive. This plotted itself out well, but I had a hard time figuring out where to start it (and once I started it there, Ten and Jack would not shut up). So, I hope this works as written. My muse was very insistent about doing this her way. Unbeta'd, and this is my first time writing the good Captain except for a few lines in a crackfic. This fic is angsty and probably dark.

Double Pain, Bound Hearts
Part 1: LJ, DW
Part 2: LJ, DW
Part 3: LJ, DW
Part 4: LJ, DW
Pairing: Ten/Jack
Rating: Teen/PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: A few references to "Utopia"; Doctor whump
Disclaimer: Not mine, and I'm just taking them for a spin, and will return them, perhaps slightly battered.
Word Count: ~13,000
Summary: Everyone was on the wrong side of the law this time because they couldn't let something stand. Vigilantes meet vigilantes for vengeance.
Author's Notes: Written from the 'Law' challenge during Amnesty 2012 for wintercompanion (2nd fic I wrote for challenge). Set after Last of the Time Lords and before Partners in Crime. Doctor whump in this chapter and angst, hurt/comfort should be along in the second chapter. fogsblue and I were virtually squishing each other during the writing of most of this story!

Kidnap, Aphrodisiac, Rescue, and a Captain (LJ comm)
Rating: Adult (drug use, questionable consent due to intoxication)
Characters: Ten, TenII, Master, Jack
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: ~4,400
Author's Notes: Written from this challenge pic (pic locked to comm). beachy mentioned the Ten2/Master when she originally posted it, then Dev mentioned something a bit Ten/TenII-ish, and yeah, this happened. I've literally never written a fic this fast. 11 Feb--a few edits, the tenses still aren't the best. I did get pretty hot and bothered thinking about it in the gym a few hours ago, but I'm not quite sure it turned out that way. Anyway. Simm!Master, TenII, Ten, and Jack, so hopefully something appeals. :P

Giggles and Breakfast (LJ) (DW)
Pairing: Ten/Jack
Spoilers/warnings: N/A
Word Count: ~3,070
Summary: The Doctor gets loopy. Jack spoils him.
Author's Notes: Thanks very much to magic_7_words for agreeing to beta on short notice! This was written for the Spring Gift Exchange at wintercompanion for fortisgreen, only as usual I'm quite behind on posting it to my personal journal! Oneshot.

Whispers from a Black Hole: Bright (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I promise to return Ten to the BBC with only slight damage.
Word Count: 4,700
Author's Notes: This fic is from ages ago. Ages. Seriously. Like, a thousand years internet time or something. It might even be my first DW fic kitten--I'm not sure. I was squeeing about something or other on someone's journal, I think... *does some research*, yep on who_in_whoville's LJ and I was talking to laialda. Somehow, my brain went, "oooh, let's do this with Ten and Jenny because telepathy!" Then, when I went to write it, my muse demanded more context, so before I knew it, I was following Ten's disjointed thoughts through the whole thing. And Ten can be pretty disjointed even without the snarky muse stops and starts.
Spoilers for and dialogue from The Doctor's Daughter; very strong hints at Journey's End events.

Mistaken Identity (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Jack, Doctor, Clara
Disclaimer: Not mine, if they were I would be more certain we'd get to see something like this.
Word Count: ~2,600
Summary: Jack encounters a face he really, really doesn't want to see, and doesn't want anyone else to see again, either.
Author's Notes: If you don't know the casting for the Twelvth Doctor, you shouldn't read this, although the summary kind of gives it away. There are also spoilers up to the end of series 7 of Doctor Who, and to Torchwood: Children of Earth. I had three thoughts after learning of the casting for Twelve: this is the third. I don't usually do this sort of thing, but I couldn't resist. I may keep this a one-shot or follow up, I'm not sure.

That's My Jumper, Thief! (LJ) (DW)
Rating: All Ages (but a couple of mild swear words)
Disclaimer: Nine belongs to the BBC. I don't know who lays claim to the ferret.
Word Count: ~1,900
Summary: Nine's getting dressed, but a cheeky mammal has other plans for part of his wardrobe. And it has an ally.
Author's Notes: fogsblue gave me this plot kitten sometime last year. At least, I think it was her--my file doesn't say! At any rate, crack incoming, hopefully. Oneshot.

Whispers From a Black Hole: If (LJ) (DW)
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Ten, Face of Boe
Disclaimer: Not mine. I think the Doctor is okay with this arrangement.
Word Count: ~500
Summary: Boe speaks the impossible, what he wants and doesn't want, fears and loves.
Author's Note: No, the dialogue is not fully reproduced. Part of an idea originated in this fic. I think I actually wrote this third (and finished it second, not sure?), but it made a little more sense to post it second. Not that anything about Who is required to make sense!

Silent, Repetitive Wounds (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen (drunk, naked Doctor, though not entirely at the same time)
Disclaimer: Very much not mine, but I might sort of lay claim to the cuddles.
Characters/Pairing: Ten, Donna
Word Count: ~5,600
Summary: After Midnight, he's feeling shattered and uncertain, too uncertain to go to Donna and explain how it felt.
Author's Notes: I'm pretty sure I haven't done this before, so I'm a little very nervous, but my muse ambushed me with this quite recently, and so this fic is for a lovely friend with a September birthday whom I've gotten to know through our mutual love of Doctor/Donna. That description fits more than one person, so, ladies, I hope you all enjoy--I wouldn't have tried writing D/D without all of you!

Sentient Swimmers (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: The crack herein should make it clear it's not mine. Then again....
Characters: The Doctor, human female
Word Count: ~400
Summary: Swimming in the current is a great substitute for running... and during lovemaking that's exactly what happens with the Doctor.
Author's Notes: I forgot write down how I got this idea when I was in the bad_wolf_rising chatroom last December, but apparently it was pretty funny then and I hope it still is now! If you were in chat on Dec. 8, 2012, you may recognize a few lines.... and I might be supposed to blame you for this. ;) Crack, snort warning, and/or choking hazard advisories may apply.

New Face, Old Ghosts, Vast Wardrobe
Part 1: LJ, DW
Part 2: LJ, DW
Part 3: LJ, DW
Rating: Teen
Characters: Twelve, Clara
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money.
Summary: He's still not much good after regenerating, but he might be better at picking what this face will usually wear... assuming he can get over the shock of his face, and avoid some garments he hasn't seen for a few bodies, and doesn't want to see again.
Word Count: 4,650
Author's Notes: I'm still not sure why I keep getting the urge to write Twelve, but the second scene here is one I think we as fans kind of expect (though it did go on for a while--sorry about that, but they kept going on and on), and I'm not sure we'll get that scene. The foreign phrases (Ch. 3) were obtained with Google Translate and Freelang. And I'm posting this before I completely lose my nerve.

A Life Not Jaded (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Strongly implied whump, imagery may be bothersome.
Characters: The Doctor, companion (Ten & Donna intended, read as you like)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Since he found it he thought it was lovely, but now they both need it.
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Written for the perfect drabble challenge 'Green' on who_contest. First time doing a drabble (so I checked the word count about ten times), and I believe my first time writing from a one word challenge or prompt. Those who dislike commas may not like this drabble.

Wordless Conversation (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Very much not mine, but I occasionally dream of laying claim to those long fingers.
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Donna
Word Count: ~1,600
Summary: He's losing himself in her, and she loses herself in him.
Author's Notes: Follow-up to 'Silent, Repetitive Wounds' (Dreamwidth), set in the last sentence of that fic. Plot kitten courtesy of starseeker32's curiosity about a phrase at the end. And Catherine Tate, why are your facial freckles so hard to find?? First time writing anything resembling explicit het. If you're on my f-flist, you may or may not know that it's a subject I've recently come to find almost unbearably awkward to the point of squickiness. dtstrainers, your Peter/Donna helped me feel less uncomfortable about explicit het, so thank you. :)

Bound for the Pot (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Once again, if I owned it, they would get captured more frequently.
Characters: Ten, Jack
Word Count: ~2,600
Summary: The investigation of a message goes seriously awry as the Doctor and Jack get separated.
Author's Notes: Written for the bad_wolf_rising Halloween Ficathon. Prompt: pot of bubbling green stew. Really, this is just an excuse to get Ten into trouble. My family never went in for the scary Hallowe'en stuff, so I hope this is at least mildly terrifying.

Whispers From a Black Hole: Pain (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ten, Martha, Jack, Master (Jacobi, Simm)
Disclaimer: I don't own the Doctor or the other characters, but like many fanfic writers, that doesn't keep me from returning them rather beat up.
Summary: He misses, and sees, and they spar again on the plains that no longer exist.
Word Count: 2,175
Author's Notes: Some dialogue reproduced from Utopia. I wrote this about 18 months ago, which might be the longest I've let a completed fic sit around! Part of an idea originated in this fic.

All That's Left of My World (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Ten, Peri
Summary: He was callous in that tunnel because he didn't understand, and by the time he understood, he was too scarred to remember the conversation for long. When he recalls, he has to go apologize to her, because he was so very wrong.
Word Count: ~5,150
(Long) Author's Notes: I got the idea for this story while watching the Trial of a Time Lord discs last summer, and also deciding that Six is a rather underrated Doctor although my first impression of him wasn't that great. Six and Peri have an exchange in "The Mysterious Planet" (quoted and italicized material in the fic) that, to me, just begged for a post-Time War Doctor to go back and apologize to her for, because he can understand it after. Then, of course, Ten wouldn't shut up, then the two of them wouldn't shut up, so it's a bit before they actually get to it. A significant amount of time has passed for Peri, so her character development is YMMV. Ten is plucked from sometime post-JE. The first nine paragraphs (inc. italics) are some internal narration of Eight, Nine, or that other bloke. Also, I have to admit I made myself cry writing some of the material toward the end, so you may or may not need a tissue handy.

An Itch in a Small Closet (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen (should be reasonably clear but nothing explicit)
Disclaimer: Not mine or there would be a lot more of the whole getting captured thing on the show.
Characters: Martha, Ten
Word Count: ~1,100
Summary: The Doctor and Martha take refuge in a very small space, with almost no room to move. The Doctor is apparently oblivious. Martha is not.
Author's Notes: So silverlunarstar used a series 3 promo pic in one of her posts a while back, and my cracky brain decided this meant that Ten's shoulder blades and Martha were totally a thing, at least for the duration of the fic. Crack, with a little bit of Ten being an arse (or oblivious, can go more than one way). This is probably best set after HN/FoB, and even with the crackiness Martha is a bit, erm, frustrated with the Doctor.

Whispers from a Black Hole: Looked (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Nine, Rose
Disclaimer: I'm afraid Nine comes back from this outing a bit worse for the wear--good thing the BBC owns him, eh?
Word Count: ~1,100
Author's Notes: This is along the same general lines as this fic. It's also my first time writing non-cracky Nine, so I really hope he doesn't sound too Ten-like as he's perceiving Bad Wolf. Written August 2013. Some dialogue is reproduced from S1 episodes, including Parting of the Ways.

Fire and Fragmentation (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Angst, possible severe need for tissues due to character death.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Ten, Donna
Summary: She knew what he did, and he'd made overriding choices too many times. Burning or not was her call, not his.
Word Count: ~2,350
Author's Notes: I know alternate endings to JE have been done, and done, and possibly overdone, but my muse insisted, and she plays dirty. Brief quotes from The War Games, Planet of the Spiders, and The Doctor's Daughter (deleted scene). Thanks to sykira for egging on my muse when she decided to waffle as I was writing this. :) *hugs*

Traveling the Universe (LJ) (DW)
Rating: Teen
Characters: All Doctors, TARDIS, companions
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: She knows him as soon as he sees her, and eventually their mutual familiarity becomes something more: 'It all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, and now it's turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure.'
Word Count: ~1,750
Author's Notes/Spoilers: Anything and anyone in broadcast Who may show up in this fic (and probably does, however quickly), although I haven't listened to many Big Finish audios. I'm neck deep in something non-fiction at the moment, hope it doesn't read too awkwardly--I'm just happy my muse actually produced something!
This fic was written for the 'Old Friends' challenge at who_contest originally posted July 13, and managed to place! (squee) Banner by paynesgrey.
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