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The promo pics for Doctor Who are cracking me up. Seriously, BBC needs to realize that they shouldn't airbrush Capaldi the same way they've airbrushed or otherwise processed promo shots of the other recent Doctors, especially some of the MS promo shots. First of all, it looks ridiculous because you cannot brush out PCap's lovely lines, second of all airbrushing is overrated, third of all, it still looks ridiculous, and d) it makes him look like a freaking zombie, at least to me. OK, mini-rant over.

I'm trying to get into Farscape. I fell asleep during four or five of the episodes, I think, but less at the end of the first season. I think I'll come back to it.

Someone challenged me a while back to watch all of Stargate before I reached some other benchmark. I finished all of SG-1 earlier in the year (May, I think? not sure when I watched Continuum). It was pretty good sometimes, and other times it just made me laugh, and it also pissed me off (like 'Unending' had a very serious problem). Michael Shanks got progressively less adorkable to me as the series went on, alas.

Speaking of Stargate, a few moments on Stargate Atlantis. OK, first of all I liked blonde!Weir in Lost City on SG-1 (I mean, I did and I didn't, for plot reasons), and I was a little miffed when brunette!Weir (is that actually brunette?) showed up, though I definitely got used to her. ;) Then the cast & plots took half a season to grow on me (not too bad, see comments on Farscape above), but if they'd actually packed for the trip, I might not have spent the first 8 eps rolling my eyes.

From the first two seasons of Atlantis, I learned this: I apparently have a thing for slightly nuts to actually nuts leaders who are women, dark haired, and have green eyes, because I had a bit of a crush on Roslin too (see: airlocks, prophecies). For Weir, see: Rising, Critical Mass, Allies...
From all the Atlantis I watched, up to season 4: welp, that was the shortest fandom obsession ever. I didn't fall asleep on anything in the last half of S4, but I was kind of bored. However, I'm still reading cut off from Earth fics, as long as they start by 3/4 of the way through S3 and I can occasionally find one that isn't dominated by one slash pairing. Oh, and some other fics too, as long as they meet the season maximum. :P

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I haven't watched any Stargate in ages.....perhaps it's time to fish them out again



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