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The promo pics for Doctor Who are cracking me up. Seriously, BBC needs to spoilers maybe for Twelve/S8 )

I'm trying to get into Farscape. I fell asleep during four or five of the episodes, I think, but less at the end of the first season. I think I'll come back to it.

Someone challenged me a while back to watch all of Stargate before I reached some other benchmark. I finished all of SG-1 earlier in the year (May, I think? not sure when I watched Continuum). It was pretty good sometimes, and other times it just made me laugh, and it also pissed me off (like 'Unending' had a very serious problem). Michael Shanks got progressively less adorkable to me as the series went on, alas.

Speaking of Stargate, a few moments on Stargate Atlantis. OK, first of all I liked blonde!Weir in Lost City on SG-1 (I mean, I did and I didn't, for plot reasons), and I was a little miffed when brunette!Weir (is that actually brunette?) showed up, though I definitely got used to her. ;) Then the cast & plots took half a season to grow on me (not too bad, see comments on Farscape above), but if they'd actually packed for the trip, I might not have spent the first 8 eps rolling my eyes.

From the first two seasons of Atlantis, I learned this: I apparently have a thing for slightly nuts to actually nuts leaders who are women, dark haired, and have green eyes, because I had a bit of a crush on Roslin too (see: airlocks, prophecies). For Weir, see: Rising, Critical Mass, Allies...
From all the Atlantis I watched, up to season 4: welp, that was the shortest fandom obsession ever. I didn't fall asleep on anything in the last half of S4, but I was kind of bored. However, I'm still reading cut off from Earth fics, as long as they start by 3/4 of the way through S3 and I can occasionally find one that isn't dominated by one slash pairing. Oh, and some other fics too, as long as they meet the season maximum. :P



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