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Here, here, here, here, and here )
Is this really chapter 40? Oh, I'm sorry, you guys... for the length or for the delay, I'm not sure. Take your pick.

Let's Get In The Game )
I'm so sorry for forgetting about this. I didn't so much forget as keep looking at it and going 'oh, I can post that chapter the next time I'm online.'

Without further ado, I bring you code names, promises, and something impossible.

I Serve At The Pleasure Of The President Of The United States )
They Say A Good Man Can't Get Elected President, Part III )

You all have no idea how much self-control it took not to cliffhanger this when Josh came into the First Couple's hotel room. ;)
If anyone who clicks has the time to comment on the suckitude or lack thereof, that'd be awesome. As usual.

They Say A Good Man Can't Get Elected President, Part II )
This one's probably going to be posted in three parts, because there's a freaking, freaking huge scene in the middle that I just can't bear to cut. I'm a wimp, I know. I'm also mean, since this is the election chapter. *weg*

Oh, and I find it funny, as I look back on reviews, that for all the angst and upset and depressingness of the first 20 chapters, I got more reviews for those. Of course, that might have been back when we all hoped this was going to end at some point this decade, hmm? ;-)

Anyway, enjoy. Come back for the debate in part 2!

They Say A Good Man Can't Get Elected President, Part I )
Oooh, boy. This is the first chapter I've posted after the one-year anniversary of when this story got started--I wrote a page on the idea December 29/30, 2005, and started writing the actual story on January 5, 2006--so, okay, I just thought I'd mention that. It's... kind of scary, really. When I started this, I never thought it'd be this long, anywhere near this long, although I can definitely assure you it's closer to the end now than the beginning!

Sorry if this icon seems a little hyper. It really didn't look that way in Animation Shop. *grumbles*

Where No One Gets Left Behind )
In which Andi with an i* makes a very significant appearance, due to something a little more than the scandal du jour. Also, Sam gets massively pissed off.

*If the 'i' is really driving people crazy, I can post a version with the 'y' too. But I started writing the story with 'Andi' and by the time I thought about switching, I was on chapter 25, and I would have pissed off an equal number of people.

Also, Merry Christmas, and other appropriate holiday wishes!

The End Of This Republic )
This is the one that was so long I literally do have to split it into two parts. Also, if you don't read this chapter, you're gonna be seriously confused for the rest of the story, because I introduce new people. As though this story didn't have enough OC's already.... *rolls eyes cheerfully*

We're Here For Whatever You Need, Part One )


Nov. 12th, 2006 11:32 pm
You guys know you can let me know if Legacy is entering the realm of suckitude, right? So I can possibly fix it?
This is a real chapter, I promise. :) 3800 words, or thereabouts. I was hoping at some point this summer that I'd be able to post the election on Election Day in the US, but we're all going to have to settle for a slice of the campaign the day after.

And no, I'm so, so entirely not done with this yet. My thanks to everyone and anyone who's read the whole thing thus far.

Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up )
This is a rather (in my opinion) somewhat wimpy interlude, existing solely because I realized that I hadn't really set any background on how people were changing or, well... I really can't remember anymore, since I wrote this almost five months ago. Woe.

Because of that (and also because I haven't posted anything in so long), I'll probably be posting a real chapter soon.

Ensemble Vignette )
Seaborn for America, my friends. Spring 2015 through spring 2016. And a bunch of stuff happened in this chapter that I didn't originally intend to have happen, like the last scene being about nine pages long; it just... took off, and I let it.

No, I Didn't Reveal My Secret Identity )
It's really very hard sometimes to have intelligent antagonists. Or even one intelligent antagonist.

I'm so, so tempted to take the easy way out and turn this particular character into some kind of Ritchie-like whatever... but he's actually fairly smart.

*walks around muttering to self*
My icon is from this chapter. :) This one jumps around just a bit, and there's more than usual Charlie/Zoey, but I like Charlie/Zoey. Oh, yes, and there's a whole section at the end that has foreshadowing and whatnot, and maybe tells you why Sam the elder still has issues. Sam the younger and Al get their issues earlier in the chapter. And now I remember that I'm supposed to be doing semi-productive stuff today.

Enjoy. ETA: Oh, yes, and as mentioned elsewhere--any text icon requests? Or should I just focus on trying to get through the current chapter?

This Country Is Meant To Be Unfinished )
*clutches head*

My POTUS/VPOTUS candidates are both characters from the series, and I've never seen them next to each other! I can't make icons of both of them! I have no idea what their chemistry is like! It's not enough that I'm making a campaign staff almost from the ground up, half old and half new, but I completely lack chemistry references for my CANDIDATES!


(At least, I'm fairly sure they've never been on screen together. Possibly for, like, a few seconds, at some point...)

And really, this rant is pointless because I'm not going to say who. Everyone except me and the characters finds out in chapter 36.

It's also pointless because I'm not even ranting about this, I'm frustrated about my day and things related to my day that I am totally not ready to talk about yet, and I needed something to get all hysterical about for a few minutes. With, y'know, an audience, albeit delayed.

*deep sigh*

They do what is hard and what is right, and they reach out for the impossible, because they don't know it is....
The line to yell at me forms here. ;)

... I kid. I think. That's really up to you the readers, isn't it? Anyway, what happened is that this is one of the 'core' chapters, in that I had a fair percentage of it mapped out before I even wrote the first sentence of Legacy. Yet... I always had trouble placing this chapter properly with the ages of the girls versus what they'll need in a few years' time, resulting in Sam and Al finishing seventh grade at 11 years of age and asking for real, true answers to the questions that not a single one of their parents want to answer. They were always intended to be extraordinary, but this chapter may stretch reality a little much. I'm just as happy if it doesn't, however.

What Kinds Of Incidents? )
There's a thing at the end, but I think Sam's finally gotten over the last of his issues now. Please, let it be so. C'mon, guys, you need to move on from your issues to the questions the girls have.

Oh, and you may want a tissue on hand for the first scene. Just in case.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc )

For victory is mine, victory is mine!

I probably should have posted about this more earlier, thus avoiding the looks of 'WTF?' that are no doubt circulating right now.

Last week I started a huge, huge chapter... actually, ten days ago, I think, and I plotted it at 15 scenes. If you've seen the way I write, you can probably see the difficulty I ran into... ;)

I had to cut two scenes (which might make it into the next one; they're not terribly time-dependent), but it is done! And I did it! ;)

(All 13341 words worth. Ooops. I wonder if LJ can handle that... I don't think it can...)

ETA: Nope. Limit is 65000-odd characters and this chapter is 79.1 KB with HTML coding. Hmm. Where to split, where to split...



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