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Sep. 3rd, 2012 03:35 am

Region 1, $88.10, today. Apparently a borked sleep pattern does some good after all... maybe. :P I think there might be one or two of you who have been contemplating the West Wing?
When you see this on your f-list, quote "The West Wing".

Jed: Why are you doing this? You're a player. You're bigger in the party than I am. Hoynes
would make you national chairman. Leo! Tell me this isn't one of the twelve steps.

Leo: Yeah, that's what it is. Right after admitting we're powerless over alcohol and that a
higher power can restore us to sanity, that's where you come in.

Jed: Leo.

Leo: Because I'm tired of it year after year after year after year having to chose between the
lesser of who cares? Of trying to get myself excited about a candidate who can speak in
complete sentences. Of setting the bar so low, I can hardly look at it. They say a good
man can't get elected President. I don't believe that, do you?

Bartlet: And you think I'm that man.

Leo: Yes.

Jed: Does it matter that I'm not as sure?

Leo: Nah. Act as if ye have faith and faith shall be given to you. Put it another way, fake it
till you make it. You did good tonight.

Jed: Yeah.

Leo: This is the time of Jed Bartlet, old friend. You're gonna open your mouth and lift houses
off the ground. Whole houses, clear off the ground...

There are whole scenes that rock my socks and make me weep and laugh and be proud; this is just one of them. Whole houses, clear off the ground... because our capacity may well be limitless, and a good man can get elected President, even if he's relieved to be focusing on something that matters, and we reach for the stars, and we have term limits and they're called elections, and because we're gonna run into walls full speed.

(Why oh why can I never leave one of these memes alone? Why do I always have to add my own embellishments?)

Taken from [ profile] quaggy_mire
I've been thinking about this since this afternoon, which I first popped a disc in to see what it looked like (yes, I'm weird like that...), and I still can't decide whether to rant first or get all melty first.

I think it's gonna be the rant. Without further ado: I am now officially pissed off. There's about a bazillion gazillion regulars on the back of the case (pretty much everybody that was in the season 7 credits, which is good), but not only have they once again not bothered with a group shot for the main menu, they LEFT PEOPLE OFF in the rotated images. There is no Abbey (which I'm not dreadfully upset about, since she wasn't around a whole lot, but it still would have been nice), and there is no Charlie. No. Charlie. Finally, there is no freaking Toby! I watched it through about three times, trying to figure out what was wrong, because they were going in some weird sort of alphabetical order thingy and went right from Donna to Leo. WTF, people? You crammed all of these folks into the credits for 'The Ticket', you can damn well do it for this, or at least include TOBY! The man without whom President Bartlet would be in the tall grass?


The melty isn't exactly fangirlish melting so much as... well, the set is black. We've had dark blue, goldish, dark green, pale blue, a burgundy/red sorta thing, and gray. And season 7's box is black. It just happens to go nicely with what I personally think is a rather lousily designed cover (it's been floating around for a bit, I think--it's the two tiered whatsit) which had a very dark theme to start with. But still, black?

The fade in for the main menu, which has always, always, always been white with the POTUS Seal, the flag and the White House, which in turn fade to the main menu shots of the characters, also started as black. It was exceedingly weird. I mentioned the black to my mom and she said something about it originally being white, but then... you know.

Given the lack of excellent prose on the back cover, I rather doubt that there's really any symbolism, but I just wanted to ramble about it for a bit.

This is, of course, aside from my disgust with the lack of extras, but has anyone found any Easter Eggs yet?

*kick smash*


No AJ. No MS. No drama.

Not even directing...

'Scuse me while I go log a few hundred hours on my WWI flight combat thingy... oh, wait, I have to be up tomorrow. And doing things all day.


*sticks tongue out at Emmys*

Yeah, I KNOW people were saying beforehand that AJ and the series had pretty well maxed out on the winning thing. And I KNOW that if MS was gonna win, it should have been for 2C. I just... and they were in the front row, too. It would have been so much easier for one of them to get up than most of the other nominees.

And nobody from [ profile] aapfa hurt me, please--I am really happy that AA won. But having him win in absentia is not the same thing... and since SC didn't win her category either... well, okay, I wanted more tribute to John Spencer about as much as I wanted the win for any of the actors or for the series.

I'm sure I'll have calmed down by the time I end my ninety-hour day tomorrow.

Oh, and:

One of these days, I'll start using titles so [ profile] raedbard doesn't have to keep typing out the whole darn ep title so she can include it in [ profile] tww_full_lid.

But for now...

In which Toby annoys CJ, and Sam and Josh (sort of) apologize )

What is the virtue of a proportional response? )
I'm not happy with the post-ep; I just ran out of my something.

Post-ep )

Thoughts, especially on the opening credits )
This is an idea I had... well, have been tossing around for a bit. I'm sure I'll peter out somewhere around season 3, but in the meantime, I intend to have fun.

Post-ep )

Thoughts (of which I had more during the episode than after) )
This is part meta, part just me rambling, and part I have no idea. I've seen the finale now, but I haven't altered it, and there, are, to my knowledge, no spoilers for the finale, although there's some oblique ones for the rest of the season. (On a side note, I'm about this close to going paid or sponsored+ just so I can get more userpics. Six is simply not enough. ETA: On second thought, I'm putting this behind a cut because I didn't realize how long it was, and also, I've been horrible about checking my LJ for about a week and a half, but I'm pretty sure I got tagged by somebody for something.)

It's Ours Now )
Do not look under the cut unless you have been spoiled for ep 19 and the finale. Do not.

Gleefulness )
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... too many times when you're reading about the Rare Pairings ficathon *cough* *pimp* *ahem gosignup* and you read about certain pairings getting more attention, and all you can think of is Leo talking about the day White House staffers throw open their doors to groups who usually have a hard time getting the attention of the White House.

Heh. Hehehehe.

Now excuse me while I go laugh over the mental image of CJ sitting through a presentation of Sam/Ellie 'shippers, or Josh listening to why CJ/Andi is good, or Sam telling the guy how relieved he is the White House isn't paying any attention to Josh/Charlie. Or... well, you get the picture.

[ profile] raedbard I'm blaming you for this. ;) ;) (In a good way. Also, this carefully disguised pimping of the Rare Pairs 'thon brought to you by.... :D )
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I was going to go off on this big huge thing and then engage in shameless plugging of it at [ profile] tww_meta but I heard some rumbles of thunder again, so I'll keep it short, I think. Hope. Whatever. Also, it's kind of 1 am here and I'd like to get some stuff done tomorrow, like watching the rest of TWW season 1 and possibly rampaging through some chapter of "Legacy"... anyway.

So I watched "Five Votes Down" recently and was thinking, as I washed the dishes tonight, about how Leo says "I was stupid with Richardson." Now, this is the same ep where he's given a sudden wake up call that his marriage is totally dissolving. So I was basically contemplating whether his stupidity was a side effect of his desperation to do this thing right to prove how important it was. Or maybe whether it was a compensatory thing... "I'm losing this, so I have to have this!" I've kind of forgotten part of what I was thinking, since it is, again, 1 am, but I do have to wonder if Leo tripped over himself because he was trying too hard or showing off or both, in the same way that lesser men do, although usually they just do something obviously stupid.


Also, a reminder that if you're in the US, TWW comes back this Sunday. Although it's likely that if you're reading this journal you're already well aware of that.... ;)


Mar. 8th, 2006 01:56 am
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As you may, or may not, know, I'm much further on in "Legacy" than I've been posting (there are reasons for this, mostly having to do with my little writing neuroses... just humor me, okay? :p), and in writing the latest chapter, which I FINALLY finished today... I kept getting mired in where the story was going instead of where it was... I discovered that I am a Toby/Andi 'shipper. I am certain of this. I like writing their scenes almost as much as I like writing Josh/Donna banter (not romance, the banter, baby!)... and see, this would be all good, except that, uh... I'm also a CJ/Toby shipper, like totally.

Is this acceptable, or am I going to some pairings purgatory? I just want to know so if I am I can make it worth it by writing a fic that's CJ/Danny and CJ/Toby and Toby/Andi, or something like that.

Yeah, when I'm done with "Legacy", which should be sometime, oh, this summer. I don't know. It's totally possessed me... it's at 522 KB, I think. It's during the administration and goes post-admin, and, well... it's a "Legacy". I partly want to finish it so I can do the alternate version of it, which will at least not involve writing everything from scratch... I can reuse the first, um.... *thinks* 15 chapters? Something like that. Maybe with minor changes. I'm sure I'm massively confusing some of you, but this... you know, I had no idea I could still write a story at all, let alone spill out this many words. I want it to be worthy of TWW, but sometimes I just get caught up in the fact that I'm writing again. I honestly wasn't sure I still could, because I've been so focused on science the past several years, and also because sometimes I can't get down something that's perfectly composed in my brain. But this... it's beautiful and sad and joyous and proud and idealistic and tragic and romantic and all the things that I see in that show... and while I think I discovered TWW when I was supposed to, it makes me wonder what would have happened had I been watching the show from the very beginning. It really, truly does, because I've gotten the show in such a packed-together fashion, and that's so different than watching it as it airs.

Anyway, the whole point of this was really to ask about the pairings purgatory.



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