Rating: PG, maybe
Word Count: Again, I think it's over 750.
Pairing: None romantic; Leo and Josh
Author's Notes: See 'Just Business' for how this came about. Again, it's crazy late and so forth. The request was for friendship or mentorship, nothing from seasons 5-7, no Leo-slash, and no Josh/Donna. This was supposed to be a Leo and Sam from sometime in season 3, but that drug investigation thing from season 1 with the visit to Laurie and the pills and Lillienfield just wouldn't leave me alone.

Going to visit a hooker to ask her for names? )
Rating: PG at the most
Word count: Somewhere over the minimum of 750, I think.
Pairing: Leo/Amy (not very intensely, though)
Author's Notes: Okay, there's a story that goes with this one, and with 'Tailing', which should be up later tonight. This past spring, [livejournal.com profile] celbalrai organized a Leo ficathon, and a couple of weeks after the due date of May 14 I noticed there were still a number of fics not there. So I basically asked for more stuff to do, because this was before my muse got snippy. This was, of course, a while ago. When I opened up the file again last week, it hadn't been modified since June 3rd or something like that. So, really, I'm not sure anybody but me even remembers these fics at all, and I don't even know who they were written for or who the original writer is/was. For this one, the request was Leo and Amy, and an appearance by Josh, and that the fic be at least partly outside the White House. Anyway, that's the story, now on to the fic.

Her strength and commitment were equal to his... )
For [livejournal.com profile] lucky_ladybug. PG, Leo/CJ friendship-ish.

These Fragile Times )

A/N: Let it be known (probably unsurprisingly) to all that I had to keep reminding myself that this was primarily a Leofic, not a CJfic. I'm hoping I achieved the right balance, which, since I wrote this with an awful sinus whatever, might be a minor miracle.



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